STRAIGHT RAZORS w/disposable blades

Due to health and sanitary purposes, barbers today are required to use a straight razor with an fresh unused disposable blade for your shaving and lining up needs.  No more honing and stropping required.


FOCUS Super – uses 1/2 of a regular double edge blade


DOVO Shavette – various inserts for different blade sizes


MR. C Razor – uses mini injector blades




FEATHER Nape Razor

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K-SWISS video Josh Peskowitz X Joselito X Jake Davis

Fashion writer Josh Peskowitz has his take on style, fashion and classics while he gets his haircut by Joselito.  Filmed by style guru/videographer Jake Davis.


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Happy 1st Birthday!

This has got to be one of the top sites I visit on a regular basis.  We barbers are very fortunate a site like this even exists.  There’s nothing like it around.  BarberStyle covers news, events, cuts, videos, photos, shops, barbers and everything related to tonsorial arts.  Thank  you BarberStyle for it all!! Keep it goin’ for years to come…  CUT WITH PRIDE

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Antique of the week

These CLOCKS were specially made for barber shops by Waterbury Clock Company.  The hands would move counter-clockwise so the barber or customer can tell time while looking in the mirror.


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Four Step Brothers – Barber Shop

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Mo’ maintenance

It’s a week away from the end of NOVEMBER and for those who are participating in raising money for prostate cancer research, or for those who sport the ‘STACHE on a regular, here are a few things that you need to give your whiskers an upkeep.

Moustache combs

Moustache scissors

Trimmers  (Andis T edjer II)

Moustache wax

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Antique of the week

Various kinds of BARBER BOTTLES lined the back bar’s of shops then.  They would be filled with different hair tonics, lotions, aftershaves, and fragrances. These one’s here in particular are known as the HOBNAIL barber bottle.  Hand blown GLASS with the distinct bumps surrounding outside….  “Hmmm… A little hair tonic for you will do.”


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The WORST invention ever made

The SUCKERS who ended up buying this “Home Haircutting System” had to be so stupid to even think this will cut hair better than a barber.  To those who invented this piece of junk – nice try.  What were you guys on in the 80’s?  Hair is always going to grow, therefore, BARBERS WILL FOREVER BE AROUND.

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Limited to only 200, MHI collaborates with WAHL to come out with one of the hottest clippers around.  Released 3 years ago, these WAHL DESIGNER’s come with an amazing MHI camo hair cloth, clipper guides, clipper comb, and more… On a trip to London in 2008, I got to pick up one of these at the MHI store.  Because of the 220V in the UK, I’m unable to use it out here.  I still bought it knowing it wasn’t the same voltage.  I couldn’t resist.  😉

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“Barberia” (The Barber shop) By Cundo Bermudez

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