The solution to all worries ;)

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B & W shots

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‘YE is always keeping it FRESH.  When it comes to his music, style, taste, attitude and passion, nothing else compares!  The  most influential ARTIST of the decade.  Yeah, i said it.  Haters will hate, but there’s no denying it.  Let’s have a toast for the DOUCHE BAGS….  😉


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Football HEADS

LEAGUE play is in full swing, UEFA Champions League starting to shape up, and MLS winding down.  Soccer players play a big role in what men and kids want in hair styles these days.  Here are a few players that some of them refer to and some who are always setting trends when it comes to hair.


Portugal’s RONALDO for Real Madrid


England’s BECKHAM for LA Galaxy


Argentina’s MESSI for FC Barcelona


Mexico’s HERNANDEZ aka CHICHARITO for Manchester United


Japan’s HONDA for CSKA Moscow


Brazil’s ROBINHO for AC Milan


Holland’s VAN PERSIE for Arsenal


France’s BENZEMA for Real Madrid


Uruguay’s SUAREZ for Ajax


Spain’s SILVA for Manchester City


Ivory Coast’s DROGBA for Chelsea

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C-MON shears

From my experience, most of the younger generation think barbering is all about cutting hair with clippers.  Working with scissors is just as important and requires more skill.  It’s the TRADITIONAL way.  A barber who excels with both clippers and scissors is the most versatile and can cut all hair types and textures.

C-MON shears have been used by barbers since 1940’s.  Great inexpensive shears with that CLASSIC feel.


SABER 7″ – 7 1/2″


CADILLAC 7″ – 7 1/2″


HF 7″ – 7 1/2″


STYLER 5 1/2″


CADILLAC 39S Thinner


CADILLAC 40S Thinner

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Classic Sesame Street – Super Grover at the barbershop

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Women are always welcome

More and more women are sitting on barber chairs these days.  The reason is because they look for someone who is familiar with clippers and excels in cutting short hair.  Also, to get the same thing done at a salon wouldn’t be the same and cost them an arm and a leg.  A barber shop is for men, but women are always welcome…





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Antique of the week

These cash registers were seen in shops back in the day… Made by National in the early 1900’s.  Brass finish with that distinct ring every time it opened..  CHAA CHIINNNGG!!


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Sesame Street – Ernie’s Barber Shop

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Andis trimmers

Andis OUTLINER II and Andis T-OUTLINER.  Original color in grey.


Andis GTX.  Same as the T-OUTLINER but in all BLACK


Andis T-EDJER.  Original color in PEACH.  Good for the kids IMO.


Andis STYLINER II.  Also known as the TREND SETTER.  Original colour in BLACK.


Andis STYLINER M3.  Powerful motor in a SILVER metal housing.


Andis SUPER LINER.  New!  Detachable blades with a rotary motor in silver and black

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