Football HEADS

LEAGUE play is in full swing, UEFA Champions League starting to shape up, and MLS winding down.  Soccer players play a big role in what men and kids want in hair styles these days.  Here are a few players that some of them refer to and some who are always setting trends when it comes to hair.


Portugal’s RONALDO for Real Madrid


England’s BECKHAM for LA Galaxy


Argentina’s MESSI for FC Barcelona


Mexico’s HERNANDEZ aka CHICHARITO for Manchester United


Japan’s HONDA for CSKA Moscow


Brazil’s ROBINHO for AC Milan


Holland’s VAN PERSIE for Arsenal


France’s BENZEMA for Real Madrid


Uruguay’s SUAREZ for Ajax


Spain’s SILVA for Manchester City


Ivory Coast’s DROGBA for Chelsea

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  1. Nice job on the current rosters of the leagues.. Stil think Ronaldo of Brazil had the craziest do! The triangle on top! lol!

  2. In the U.S. footballers are not much or an influence on fashion culture like NFL but recently I have found that in England dudes all over want to get cut like there favorite footballer.

    Oh yeah Sorry about Toronto this season…I am pulling for my boys the Seattle SOunders!


    • I know, another disappointment for TFC this year… ;(

      Anyway, I agree with you how the US isn’t as influenced compared to Europe and South America when it comes to footy hairstyles. I think the US are more influenced by basketball when it comes to hair… Up here in Toronto, we have crazy soccer fans that come from all over the world so we have men and kids asking for it all the time.

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