STRAIGHT RAZORS w/disposable blades

Due to health and sanitary purposes, barbers today are required to use a straight razor with an fresh unused disposable blade for your shaving and lining up needs.  No more honing and stropping required.


FOCUS Super – uses 1/2 of a regular double edge blade


DOVO Shavette – various inserts for different blade sizes


MR. C Razor – uses mini injector blades




FEATHER Nape Razor

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Antique of the week

Back then, men would visit the barber quite frequently to get a HOT LATHER SHAVE.  They would have their very own PERSONALIZED SHAVE MUG and BRUSH at the shop for them.  It was believed to be more sanitary.  Indirectly, this would show the clients which barber was the busiest because of how many mugs they had on a rack beside their chair.  To have your name on the wall was special for both client and barber.  I guess it was a pride thing…

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Antique of the week

Barbers would get the “SEVEN-DAY SET” so they can rotate razors thru out the week.  It was a way to identify them and also to keep them well maintained so they stay RAZOR SHAP.

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Wet shaving at it’s finest

Vintage DUBL DUCK Wonderedge straight razor.

Silver tip badger shave brush

ART OF SHAVING Unscented shave soap

Pewter shaving mug

BAXTER of California after shave balm

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