STRAIGHT RAZORS w/disposable blades

Due to health and sanitary purposes, barbers today are required to use a straight razor with an fresh unused disposable blade for your shaving and lining up needs.  No more honing and stropping required.


FOCUS Super – uses 1/2 of a regular double edge blade


DOVO Shavette – various inserts for different blade sizes


MR. C Razor – uses mini injector blades




FEATHER Nape Razor

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Antique of the week

Various kinds of BARBER BOTTLES lined the back bar’s of shops then.  They would be filled with different hair tonics, lotions, aftershaves, and fragrances. These one’s here in particular are known as the HOBNAIL barber bottle.  Hand blown GLASS with the distinct bumps surrounding outside….  “Hmmm… A little hair tonic for you will do.”


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Famous for it’s hair tonic, after shave lotion, talc powder, and many more.  Ed Pinaud’s CLUBMAN products have been sitting in barber stations since the 1800’s.  You get that nostalgic feeling when you walk into a shop and smell the talc powder in the air.  CLASSIC!

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Antique of the week

Here’s my first post on the weekly segment ANTIQUE OF THE WEEK.  Well in this case, Antique(s). 😉

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Clipper Spray

It’s very IMPORTANT to keep your clippers and trimmers disinfected, cool, lubricated, rust protected and CLEAN!

ANDIS Cool Care 5 in one


H-42 Clean Clippers

OSTER 5 in 1

BARBICIDE Clipper Spray

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