The WORST invention ever made

The SUCKERS who ended up buying this “Home Haircutting System” had to be so stupid to even think this will cut hair better than a barber.  To those who invented this piece of junk – nice try.  What were you guys on in the 80’s?  Hair is always going to grow, therefore, BARBERS WILL FOREVER BE AROUND.

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Classic Sesame Street – Super Grover at the barbershop

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Sesame Street – Ernie’s Barber Shop

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Hair by MR. BEAN


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SEINFELD – The Barber – Season 5 Episode 72 – 1993

Jerry gets butchered by his longtime barber Enzo and gets laughed at by all.  Kramer suggests he try his barber Gino, Enzo’s nephew who works at the same shop.  But it’s not as easy as it seems… HILARIOUS!!

watch now

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